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Every design for a house or any other place is like an entrance to the world of the owners of the place, which will give their visitors the first impression of owners’ personalities once they enter.

And here comes the role of Engineer Mohamad Hassan, a designer and interior decorator, who is based on highlighting and showing the hidden part of the personality of the client and the owner of the place.

He highlights the development of patterns, technologies, and challenges.

The decor, a world of secrets, surrounded by many different tastes, related to designs, colors, materials and fabrics, and the method of organization and arrangement, and whatever the luxury of the home or place in which the special decoration is to be organized, the decorator’s touch remains the basic touch that greatly affects the general appearance of the place.


Interior architect:
Mohamed Hassan
project type:
Interior Design

When you choose Engineer Mohamed Hassan, you choose one of the pioneers in the field of decoration and designs, and one of the people whose work enjoys imagination and inspiring intelligence.